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While IRAplanning.com addresses a wide array of distribution planning issues associated with IRAs and other retirement plans, no attempt has be made to cover all possibilities.  This page provides links to a few other web sites that might be helpful. 

Warning of Non-Responsibility

Please keep in mind that George Coughlin is NOT responsible for, and cannot control the content of, other web sites or assure the accuracy of a vendor's software.  In fact, those sites may list incorrect information and make false statements.  Any software offered for sale on such web sites may produce inaccurate results.  Furthermore, any investment or insurance advice as well as recommendations to purchase or sell securities you receive from a source reached via a link listed on this page does NOT involve George Coughlin or George Harper Coughlin II Registered Investment Advisor.  Please use appropriate caution.  

Information and resources on distribution planning for IRAs, Qualified Retirement Plans and TSAs is available from the following resources.  Underlined listings are directly linked to other web sites.

Life and Death Planning For Retirement Benefits by Natalie B. Choate, Esq. --  www.ataxplan.com  Ms. Choate's book contains a comprehensive bibliography.
The Minimum Distribution Rules Affecting IRAs and Qualified Plans (QSPs) in a Nutshell (With Special Sections on Community Property and Bypass Trust Funding Issues) -- A Guide for the Perplexed by Noel C. Ice, Esq. -- www.trustsandestates.net
Internal Revenue Service -- Forms And Publications - IRS
California Franchise Tax Board -- Tax Forms, Instructions and Publications
Retirement Distribution Planner and Retirement Plan Analyzer software by Brentmark Software, Inc. -- www.brentmark.com

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