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This web site ( is the creation of, and is maintained by, George H. Coughlin II.  Mr. Coughlin is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER practitioner registered with the California State Department of Business Oversight as an Investment Advisor. In addition, Mr. Coughlin is a Registered Principal of Foothill Securities, Inc., which is a registered broker/dealer as well as a member of the FINRA and SIPC. He is further licensed by the State of California (license number 0423537) as a life and disability insurance agent and a variable contract agent. Mr. Coughlin's résumé is available for your perusal by clicking on the key word underlined in this sentence.

This web site does NOT provide investment advisory services, brokerage for securities transactions or insurance services of any kind. None of the information found on this web site should be considered an investment or insurance recommendation. Any tables or examples on involving an investment are for illustrative purposes only.  They do not represent an actual investment.

The California State Department of Business Oversight does NOT endorse or recommend this web site or its content. The California State Insurance Commissioner does NOT endorse or recommend this web site or its content. Foothill Securities, Inc. is not associated with this web site.  Furthermore, Foothill Securities, Inc. does NOT endorse or recommend this web site or its content. Mr. Coughlin is solely responsible for 

Nothing expressed on constitutes tax planning advice for an individual reader. All personal situations deserve review by a qualified professional advisor. This web site is designed to help facilitate those discussions. 

Please remember that ALL tax matters discussed on reflect the author’s attempt to describe various points of the Federal tax law. Some important topics have been omitted. Keep in mind that state tax laws may differ from the Federal rules. While every effort has been made to accurately report the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and the Regulations pertaining thereto, it is possible that a misrepresentation has occurred or recently passed legislation has changed the law. Naturally, the Code and Regulations control the tax treatment of any situation, not the author’s interpretation or the content of this web site. Therefore, taxpayers should rely on the tax law rather than positions put forth on

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