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If you would like to ask George Coughlin for assistance in planning the distributions from your IRA, qualified retirement plan or a TSA under 403(b), please peruse the following paragraphs.   If you are a beneficiary of an IRA, QRP or TSA belonging to a deceased friend or relative, you too should read the next two paragraphs before contacting George. 

Mr. Coughlin welcomes requests for his tax planning services involving distributions from Individual Retirement Accounts and other qualified retirement plans.  For your protection as well as his own, however, potential clients must understand and accept the fact that merely asking for George's help or requesting an answer to a question does NOT create a client-advisor relationship or a legal obligation for George Coughlin to respond to your inquiry.  A client-advisor relation may only occur as the result of either a telephone or personal conference between Mr. Coughlin and the potential client during which the latter agrees to compensate Mr. Coughlin for his efforts.  Mr. Coughlin does not answer tax planning questions by E-mail.

George Coughlin attempts to reply promptly to inquiries.  Obligations to existing clients as well as other responsibilities sometimes prevent him from responding as quickly as you or he might feel is appropriate.  If your situation is a true emergency, please say so in your message to George.  That alert will help him prioritize his workload.

Please click the large tab below or any of the last seven words in this sentence to send an E-mail message to George Coughlin.  If you would prefer to telephone his office, please call (925) 820-1918.  Facsimile messages may be sent to (925) 820-1966.  


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