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  2008 Legislation with Notice 2009-9 Update

Using Final Regulations Published April 17, 2002
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IRA distributions  required distributions  age 70˝ distributions
Welcome to


This site provides required distribution planning information to help optimize the benefits available from Individual Retirement Plans (IRAs), Qualified Retirement Plans (QRPs) and Tax Sheltered Annuities (TSAs) under §403(b).  Participants and beneficiaries of such plans as well as estate and financial planning professionals will find answers to many of the questions that arise when the Internal Revenue Code mandates withdrawals.  Whether you are a participant that has reached age 70˝ or the surviving beneficiary of a deceased participant, it is essential for you to understand a number of complex details about required distributions in order to enhance your after-tax benefits.

Use the following list of topics to accelerate your search for an answer to your questions.  A simple click with your mouse will automatically select the appropriate text, flow chart or graph.

Please note that this web site does NOT discuss the tax rules dealing with contributions to IRA's and other retirement plans.  It does NOT address lump sum distributions from pension plans, profit sharing plans and stock bonus plans.  Furthermore, is devoid of investment ideas. Please look elsewhere for assistance on those matters. 



What's New?

2008 Legislation


Using Final Regulations Published April 17, 2002

Financial and Estate Planning Implications of the "Final" Minimum Distribution Rules:  Planning Opportunities Abound But Quicksand Remains For The Unwary
  (Full text, approximately 40 pages, incorporating all the 2002 items listed below except the flow charts and graphs.)

2002 Rules of the Road  (The nuts and bolts of required distributions.)

2002 Planning Pointers  (Important reminders.)

2002 Calculating Minimum Required Distributions (MRD) At 70˝

2002 Technical Terms and Concepts You Need To Understand:
    Required Beginning Date (RBD)
    Distribution Calendar Year (DCY)
    Account Balance
    Applicable Distribution Period (ADP)
    Designated Beneficiary (DB)
    Designation Date
    Trust As Beneficiary
    Separate Accounts
    Non-DB Status
    Spousal Rollover IRA 
    Redesignation/Reconstruction Rule

Life Expectancy Tables

Which Retirement Plans Are Impacted By The "Final" Regulations?

When Do The "Final" Regulations Come Into Play And How Do They Operate:
    During A Participant's Lifetime?
    If A Participant Dies BEFORE His/Her RBD?
    If A Participant Dies On or After His/Her RBD?

Can The Qualified Plan Limit Your Planning Options Under The New Rules?

Test Your Knowledge Of Required Distributions

Quiz Your Advisor About Required Distributions



Postmortem Distributions From Qualified Plans (Table 22)

Using A Trust As Beneficiary (Table 23)

Plan Provisions Control Postmortem Distributions Before The RBD (Table 24)

Distribution Options Following A Death On or After Participant's RBD:
        If Spouse Is Sole Designated Beneficiary (Table 25A)
        Under ALL Other Scenarios (Table 25B)


Directory Listing The Graphs On Tables 26 Through 29C



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